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Dashboard - Overall Financial Health : Suggestion

On the dashboard "Overall Financial Health" It shows the numbers for sales purchases and labor.  Would it be possible, well I know it is possible, but will you consider adding in a UP or DOWN arrow to show the direction its moving.  Right now my sales are behind 1.1%  yesterday they were behind 2.4% So even though they are still behind, it would be nice, the stock market where it shows the direction of movement from the previous day.  

I started the month behind 8% but now its 1.1% just looking at the page I can't see that things are improving and should be ahead by the end of the month.  Right now I just stress about it being behind 1.1%  If I had a movement indicator I would be less stressed :-)

Just a suggestion.


I would suggest a thumbs up and thumbs down emoji or +/- as I'm color blind and red/green look the same to me 

I liked the old dashboard. is that an option still

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