This function is useful if you want to add sub-accounts/restaurants connected to a main account or restaurant. 

  • This sub-account will have their own set of data and can be treated independently with their own financial reports from your other restaurants.

  • You will have to option to copy from an existing unit so you don't have to set them up again from scratch.

Click on your name in the right-hand corner of the screen and choose ADMINISTRATION.


Click on "MULTI UNIT" from the navigation menu


Toggle to turn the multi-unit option on and then click SAVE. Note, each additional unit will result in a $47 per unit charge once you have the units set up.  


Click the 'Add' button(see screenshot) to add another unit and confirm your choice on the pop up.  We'll walk you through the account set up on the screen.


After adding a unit you will be redirected to an account setup window similar to how you first started up BACON. However, in Step 2 there will be an option to copy your account settings from your first unit.


You can toggle through any of the restaurants individually or view ALL restaurants by clicking on your Restaurant name in the left-hand corner


TIP: If you click 'View All' you can generate combined financial reports of all of your sub-accounts instead of individual. Useful if you just want to check the overall financial status of your restaurants.