This guide shows you step-by-step how to create a new build sheet in your account.

  1. To create a new build sheet, look at the left-hand menu, find “Build Sheets”, and click on it to go the Build Sheets page.

  2. On the Build Sheets page, you will see a list of all your dish/menus. On this page, you can add and edit build sheets. To create a build sheet, click the green “+” button (see below).

  3. Next, you edit your dish “Name”, “Meal Period”, “Menu Description”, “Server Description”, “Plate”, “Diet Type” and the image.

  4. Clicking on the “Meal Period” box will show a drop-down list of mealtimes, for example, Breakfast, Lunch and Snack. You can also add one by selecting “Add Period” (see screenshot).

  5. After clicking on “Add Period” a menu will show up allowing you to add a new Meal Period. Add them by clicking the green "+" , delete using the red “x” button or sort them by clicking then holding the sort button and drag the mouse up or down. (NOTE: Steps 4-5 also applies to the “Plate” and “Diet Type” options.)

  6. Next, adding a picture is similar to other websites. To add/update the photo, hover your mouse over the pencil icon (see below) then click “Update Picture” > click “Add” and you will need to select the image file from your computer. (NOTE: The image size limit is approximately 1MB.)

  7. Once a file has been selected, you have the option to either zoom in and out, rotate, move and crop the photo (see image below). Click “Save” to add the photo.

  8. Next, scroll down the page and you can also set the “Ingredients”, “Kitchen Directions”, “Service Standards” and “Potential Allergies” of the dish. Turn them on by clicking the On/Off button to enable adding/editing these options.

  9. Once turned on, you can name and add ingredients, directions, standards and allergies by clicking the “Add” button or by pressing “Tab” on your keyboard. Again, they can be deleted by clicking the “x” buttonand sorted by clicking, holding and dragging the sort button. Click “Save” to add the build sheet once all correct info has been entered and reviewed.

    (NOTE: When sorting ingredients it's recommended to start from left to right based on the appropriate order of preparation that involves the dish. Also, kitchen directions will automatically order itself numerically based on the sorting, top being number 1 lower ones being 2, 3, 4 and so on.)

  10. Additionally, you can delete, copy/duplicate, or export/download the sheet by clicking the options button (see below).

  11. You can also use the “Search” or “Filter” button to look for a specific sheet or use the “Thumbnail” view for a more visual list. (NOTE: These options are located at the top right corner of the Build Sheets page.)

  • Search:

  • Filter:

  • Thumbnail:

  • Finally, once the build sheets are done all that's left is to preview what it looks like in a printable file, click on EXPORT to download a .pdf file of the preview: