BACON's checklist builder is a very useful tool for building all sorts of checklists, there are many modular options to use if you want to build Order guides, Prep lists, Inventory guides or a Work schedule/Task list.

Create your Checklist

Click on CHECKLISTS under SHEETS on the left-hand sidebar.


Click on the  +  button to add a new checklist. A Filter option is available if you specify a Group in your checklist. Fill out your checklist with the following:
Name: you can name this checklist to anything you want.
Type: Is this an Order Guide, Prep List, Inventory Guide?
Station/Position: Enter the specific station or position
Group (optional): Allows you to organize checklists used for search.

  • You can set a checklist to be done monthly or weekly.

  • Add measurement units to items.

Location: If applicable, you can enter things like WALK-IN, FREEZER, or SHELF.  You can have multiple locations in each checklist.  Add another Location by clicking on the green plus sign. 
Description: This will make up the checklists and you will input each item for the list here.  Hit enter to add another item.


clickBACON is pre-populated with some checklists for you.  It is recommended that your position match those that you have in BACON under labor.

Click on Save when done.



Editing, Viewing, and Exporting Checklists

You can edit checklists at any time.   

You can add blackout days to a checklist that is useful if there are days that things do not have to be done.  When previewed or printed, those boxes will appear darker on the sheet.  

The Preview and option will show you what your Checklist will look like when you Export it to a printable file. Select the date and click Preview.