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Direct operating expenses


Is trash removal and/or utilities a part of direct operating expenses, and entered into BACON under purchases?


Kirk Mueller

Paddy Ryan's Irish Pub

I have a technical question - for some reason, and just for one of my locations, I can't seem to get a DOE budget to populate when I generate a budget.

I have the same question as Shalamar. What categories would be used for expenses like, rent, insurance, alarm company, gas and electric bill, etc.. 

So Ryan where would you enter your fixed cost??? Like Lease. Do I just create it under Expense uncontrollable?

Nope and Nope.  A direct operating expense is an item used directly in the production of your main offerings, but is NOT a cost of good sold.  Trash pickup and utilities are fixed.  If you sell 100 burgers or 200 burgers you don't use more gas or spend more on trash. 

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