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Setting Periods and/or Inventory Dates

Add the option to define our own periods. Currently each period is set to be the duration of each month. I've been in restaurants that run 12 periods, 8 4 week and 4 5 week. My current restaurant runs 13 4 week periods.

It would be fantastic if we could define our periods and enter inventory at any date. If the option existed to enter inventory on any day, that would also give us flexibility to do spot checks as well as enter our inventories on days that aren't currently aligned with the standard sunday to monday or monday to sunday week.

I use this software for my own knowledge and reporting outside of my running P&L and sales tracking reports that are standard in my restaurant chain, so currently if I want to enter my inventory here I have to count twice per week.

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Thank you, this is something we have considered.  Currently BACON is not trying to solve any complex inventory problems, we are trying to keep it as simple as possible.  If (or I should say when) we release additional more complex modules that handle inventory, we will absolutely be doing this.  THANK YOU for caring enough to submit, we welcome all your thoughts and suggestions.

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