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Cash Tips When Entering Labor Costs

How should cash tips be handled when entering daily labor costs?  The amount of the tip itself is not a payroll expense but the related payroll taxes would be. Entering tips as a cash payment inflates payroll expenses but excluding tips would not reflect enough in taxes.  Thank you in advance.

It is very possible your labor is not turned on yet.  Please click on setting from the top right drop down menu, and then turn on labor. 

Also, it is VERY important that you go through each and every video in the tutorial to get you setup properly.  This topic, and many other details are covered in the tutorials.

I Can’t find where to enter daily labor cost...please help

You are correct about the guesstimate.  Tips do not factor in, anywhere.  BACON does not care about tips, its not your money.  All we care about is your labor cost, how much you spend on labor.  

Thank you for responding.  To better understand the software, I'm not sure how the system factors in (guesstimates) an additional expense for tips.  Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the software generates an amount for payroll-related expenses based on what is entered in Settings.  I'm not seeing how / where tips would factor in.  Thank you again.  

Just don't enter it, the only thing you should enter in BACON is the amount you pay them as part of payroll, then let BACON guesstimate the additional fee's.  

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