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When entering labor.  Do you input the gross check amount or the net amount for salaried employees?  I have 20% logged for contributions.  Thanks

My labor numbers seem to be way off. Can someone please help fix this?

I entered the labour for saturday the 2/12/17 and saved.. now that day has disappeared from the calendar, and if i go to the labour calendar and choose any date when it opens it, it shows every day empty, but if I go manually on the days apart from the 2/12/17 it shows the saved work!??!?! 


How do I get a report for each particular employee? Like a wage and earnings statement? And how do I get the estimated cost for payroll to go away and stop recording .79 cent a day in estimated payroll cost? I have already adjusted the fields in Settings to 0. 

When entering labor, you enter the net amount and let BACON guesstimate what the gross will be with the additional fee's.  There is no way would know the gross amount daily, that is why.  Regarding the daily labor entries, you can turn that off in settings by turning off post daily labor.

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