Hello there! This is guide will show you step by step on how to add credits to your purchases/invoices!

  1. First go to your purchases page.

  2. You will be directed to your purchases list. Click the options  button and select “Credit Slip”.

  3. The purchase record will now be marked as . A new column called “Credit” will appear where you can enter the value of the Credit on the specific category. In this example we have a $100 credit on “Food” which will deduct it’s total to $400.00 (see screenshot). This is one way to enter credits through an existing invoice record.

  4. Another way to add credits would be to use the “Add” button in the purchases page. With this method however you will need to toggle on “Credit”. Click “Save” when done.

  5. NOTE: If the credit added from the option  has the same Date, Invoice Number and Vendor you will always be asked to merge/deduct it to the existing record. If not it will be added a separate credit record.

That concludes this tutorial on adding credits to your purchases!

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